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hi, i'm audy. 20 . a successful graphic designer in progress ;3


Oreo. Spread the word. On toast. Oreo Jam courtesy of Kris Yenbamroong. Get the Oreo Snack Hack here.

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GDYB x CL - 131201 Instagram Updates & Comments!

Taeyang: “Chaerin’s Oppas.. #OhOppa”

Taeyang: “As expected, (of) Chaerin’s Oppas.. #OhOppa”

CL (Comment on Taeyang’s): My oppas, kkiyao!!!! I miss miss you guys”

GD (Comment on CL’s): “Oppa ㅡㅡ! Oppaㅡㅡ! Oh! Ppa!”

CL (Comment on Taeyang’s): “-_- I take back what I said about missing you guys” 

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